Motorcycle License Texas Requirements

If you want to get on the road with your motorcycle today then you ought to comply with the simple motorcycle license Texas requirements. You don’t need to pound your head against the wall to meet the motorcycle license Texas requirements. This is all it takes to get on the road on two wheels:

  • Age- the Transport Department of the State of Texas has some requirements on the age of the applicant. You need to be 15 years of age and above with no exception to this requirement. Parental consent is also needed to improve the level of security on the road. In case you have already obtained the instruction permit then you can also undergo the training with a licensed driver aged 21 and above.
  • Instruction Permit- before you start doing anything, you need to apply for an instruction permit from the Transport Department. It will allow you to obtain the Class M Motorcycle License.
  • Test- one of the fundamental motorcycle license Texas requirements is that the applicant needs to pass both oral and written exams. The aim of this exam is to find out how well you are acquainted with the basic motorcycle riding skills and you can be exempted from this test if you have undertaken and passed one from a registered motorcycle training course.
  • Proof of Identity- to ascertain that you are the one applying for the license, the motorcycle license Texas requirements include a Social Security Number. This acts as a proof of identity. Parental consent is also required for all applicants under the age of 18. All applicants must appear in person and there are also no exceptions to this requirement.

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